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I’m interested in Art and Architecture as communication tools that help me interact with a diverse group of participants, and through means like images, constructions, or events. 

In the last ten years, I have intensively explored the communicative power of digital art, and since I moved to Los Angeles in 2017, this practice has become a response to the social issues that I observed in the American society, as well as a platform to celebrate my latino and queer identity.



Digital Art

​After several years working in architecture, I began to apply architectural software into art projects. This allowed me to create quickly, and make multiple versions of one composition by changing its colors and dimensions, with no two pieces being exactly alike. However, the final product didn't result from the application of a formula, but was carefully crafted by hand one bit at a time: The brush was replaced by the mouse in an expression of digital craftsmanship.


​The visual constructions resulting from my experimentation with the computer demonstrate the intermediate position where I stand between art and architecture, they show an ambiguous halfway point between the flat image and the three-dimensional space.


But an image is, by itself, a form of communication, a form of expression outside of the written and verbal. Time and place, the self and the other, history and future, these all play a role in the making of a visual construction, and the artists's works are chronicles of the time in which they live.

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